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ChemChina Releases 2014 Sustainable Development Report
Source: China National Chemical Corporation Date: 2015-08-03

ChemChina has released the 2014 Sustainable Development Report recently, the fifth annual report released since 2011.

It systematically sorts out and summarizes ChemChina’s efforts in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility since 2014. It consists of several parts: ChemChina and the Chinese Dream, Strategy and Governance, Social Responsibility Management, Responsibilities, Practice of Sustainable Development, Future Development, and Appendices.

The “Responsibilities” section focuses on environmental protection that has attracted wide social attention in recent years. Centering on how environmental protection is incorporated into production and serves innovation, it illustrates, with data and cases, the efforts made by ChemChina in leading the green development of the chemical industry, clean production, promoting environmental protection services, and providing innovative environmental services in the new normal of economic development.

The “Practice of Sustainable Development” section systematically explains ChemChina’s concept, practice and performance of sustainable development from six aspects: sound operation, S&T innovation, safe production, social harmony, employee development and environmental protection with abundant cases and pictures, and will help stakeholders have a comprehensive understanding of its efforts in the above six areas.

Click 2014 ChemChina Sustainable Development Report for reading.

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